About Us

Paleo FamilyYou remember those dreams we all have about showing up to class naked? Or not remembering how to dial your own phone number? That’s how I feel about writing about our family. Where do I start? What if people don’t like us? This is our blended family, several years ago now. The oldest is currently 14 years old, about to turn 15, it’s a scary time for us. But the path we have traveled, that led us to the Paleo lifestyle, and to this website, is amazing. For us anyway. It took us 8 years to get all of the children together, finally.

Unfortunately it happened just weeks after my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. That’s Summer, our red head. She loved cooking, and wanted to be a chef. She passed away December 23, 2012. I can feel her here with me as I write this. I can just imagine what she would say about how much I cook now.

About a year before all of that, I stumbled upon an article about the true causes of heart disease. As I read more, something clicked in my head. We always tried to limit the amount of snacks our children consumed, but we generally still felt pretty awful even though we were eating “healthy.” As I read about the impact of grains on our bodies, I knew something had to change. I began eating a mostly Paleo diet and immediately started to feel better. The rest of the family wasn’t quite convinced though. I knew I had to find replacements for the meals that they loved if I ever wanted them to eat Paleo.

This website was born of those recipes that I tried and perfected until my family would eat them. Pizza, pasta, bread, cereal, all of the foods they loved before, needed to be recreated. When we got custody of my stepsons, they began eating Paleo with us, because frankly they had no choice! We also had them taking Juice Plus to bridge the gap of the fruits and vegetables they didn’t like eating. While this wasn’t an experiment about weight loss or health, the outcome was nothing short of miraculous. When we got custody, the oldest weighed 291 lbs at 13 years old, and the youngest weighed 160 lbs at 11 years old. In just weeks, the difference was almost putting us out of house and home, as we literally had to buy them new wardrobes over and over again. In just SIX MONTHS the oldest lost over 80 lbs and the youngest lost over 40 lbs. You can see a timeline of their weight loss in photos below.

Today my family are believers in the Paleo lifestyle. We are not 100% Paleo, more like 90%. We enjoy coming up with recipes that taste just as good as the processed foods we loved. Now we just have no guilt because we know that eating Paleo is great for our bodies! We hope you enjoy our recipes!


Paleo Before and After