Free Paleo Mini Meal Plan 4

Need a little changeup in your menu this week? We’ve put together a sample menu plan for you to try new Paleo recipes from around the web. Need more help? Sign up for our weekly Paleo meal plans where we do the hard work for you! BREAKFAST RUSTIC PALEO BREAKFAST PIZZA – Ancestral Nutrition I […]

Paleo Mini Meal Plan – Takeout Favorites

This week’s menu theme is Paleo Takeout. All of the recipes are real food versions of classic takeout dishes that we all know and love. I am really looking forward to making all of these dishes. I’ve selected 2 breakfast recipes, 2 lunch recipes, 3 dinner recipes and 1 dessert (I mean…you can’t have a […]

Paleo Mini Menu – Beyond the Steakhouse

I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I like to pick a star ingredient for my weekly meal plans. This week I’ve picked steak. Oftentimes when I think of steak all I think of is a T-bone and baked potato at a fancy steakhouse restaurant. And that’s kind of boring. But steak really is an extremely versatile […]

Paleo Mini Menu – Chicken

Some weeks I like to pick an ingredient as the “star” of the week. The star can be a protein, a vegetable, a spice, a genre of food i.e. Italian, Mexican, American, etc., or really anything you want. Oftentimes I pick the star by what’s on sale at the grocery store that week. This week […]

Free Mini Paleo Meal Plan Freezer Edition

Free Paleo Meal Plan

As a new mom, I’ve become addicted to two things: my crockpot and freezer cooking. This week’s meal plan is focused on stocking up my freezer. What’s so great about freezer cooking you ask? By making large batches of various meals you will have food ready when you need it without all the prep time. […]

Free Paleo Mini Menu – 2

Free Paleo Meal Plans

This mini menu is based on some of my weekly staples. These meals are delicious; provide leftovers (Who has time to cook every night? Not this new mama), budget friendly, and will please both the kids and adults in your family. You can always take advantage of our Paleo meal plans, we do the hard […]

Free Weekly Mini Paleo Meal Plan

Paleo Mini Meal Plan

I don’t know about you, but planning weekly menus helps to keep me sane. Don’t get me wrong….my husband and I still have the nights where we blankly stare at each other with the… What do you want for dinner look. But at least we have some idea of what our choices are and of […]