Paleo Deviled Eggs Recipe Roundup

Deviled are an absolute must at my house for any “special” occasion. Sunday dinners count as special occasions. We seriously make these so many times every year. They are a bit time consuming, but oh so worth it. If you have little helpers, they can definitely be put to work while making the deviled eggs. […]

Apple Cider Roundup

Sitting in our backyard by a fire, watching the leaves fall, and drinking a warm glass of homemade caramel apple cider is the perfect way to spend a Fall weekend afternoon. But apple cider is not only a great drink, it’s also a great addition to many sweet and savory recipes. We’ve compiled 13 of […]

Paleo Thanksgiving Roundup

Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! I just can’t get enough of it. It may help that my birthday falls on turkey day about every 4-5 years . I love waking up to watch the parade, smelling the turkey cooking in the oven (one that someone else has gotten up super early to get going, […]

Paleo Friendly Winter Squash Recipes

PAleo Winter Squash Recipes

Pumpkins, apples, chili and football tend to get all the glory during the fall season, but I’m crazy about all the winter squash varieties that pop up at supermarkets and local farmers markets. Although they’re called winter squash, these vegetables are actually harvested during the fall and made available throughout the colder months, thus the […]

15 Amazing Paleo Bacon Recipes

Paleo Bacon Recipes

Who doesn’t love bacon? One of the first things I am looking forward to eating after my baby is born is BACON. I’m pretty sure that it will be requested while at the hospital, several times. Check out our 15 favorite Paleo bacon recipes! BACON SNACKS/APPETIZERS Fall is approaching quickly; here are some great Paleo […]

General Tso’s Cauliflower or Chicken

Does anyone miss the Chinese buffet as much as I do? All the sauces, meat covered in wheat flour and then fried in awesomely unhealthy oils. My mouth is watering.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Peppers

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Peppers

I cannot believe the Superbowl is already here! Luckily we are attending parties this year rather than throwing one, but it’s still nice to have something to bring, or to devour before heading out so we aren’t tempted with all of the crazy grain filled offerings.

Paleo Mac and Cheese

Paleo Mac and Cheese

Remember the powdery goodness of the cheese packets of Kraft Mac and Cheese? It’s pretty much as addictive as cocaine, we lived on it when we were young. Okay, through college, so not so young, but it was so easy and CHEAP.

Zucchini Crab Rangoon

Paleo Crab Rangoon

One of my weaknesses is crab rangoon, the crispy fried dough filled with crab meat and cream cheese, it pretty much doesn’t get better than that. Yesterday as I was picking ripe veggies in the garden I wanted to figure out what to stuff all the zucchini flowers with, so I started searching. There were […]

Paleo Sweet Potato Nachos

Paleo Sweet Potato Nachos

If there is one thing I miss eating, it’s tortilla chips. They are the perfect vehicle for shoving massive amounts of food into your mouth. The crunch, the saltiness, the genetically modified corn. Oh, right. Can’t have any of that anymore. But sometimes I really want something that is just so bad for you, but […]