Affiliate Program provides weekly meal plans to families that want to live the Paleo lifestyle but need help with meal planning. We focus on fresh, easy to prepare, kid friendly foods, with recipes and shopping lists that are designed for a family of four. If you have a blog or website that discusses the Paleo lifestyle, our Affiliate Program is a great way to earn extra income.


  • Earn 20% on all sales, including recurring sales
  • Once you reach 75 sales in a month, earn 30%
  • Once you reach 150 sales in a month you will start earning 50%
  • If you know other Paleo website owners you can also recruit them and earn an extra 10% on their sales
  • Payments are made monthly on the 10th for the previous months sales, with just a $20 minimum in commissions
  • We offer payment by Paypal!

We provide banners and text links that can be used on your website or email list, and can create banners to work with your website if you need additional sizes.

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