Easy Paleo Lunches




I think the first fear that goes through every parents mind when trying to switch their kids to a Paleo lifestyle is “OMG what am I going to pack them for lunch?” Sandwiches have been the staple for lunch in the SAD lifestyle for far too long. They’ve been ingrained (haha) in our brains, and it takes awhile to get out of the habit of thinking there must be bread in the lunchbox.

So we came up with this infographic to help you, and your kids, pack easy Paleo lunches. This picture is really so easy that it can be hung in the pantry and the kids can make their own lunches. Hallelujah!

Of course there are plenty of other foods you can pack as well, these are just the easiest things to transport in a standard lunch box. In the snack section you will see cookies and brownies and such, and of course we mean Paleo friendly recipes for these items!

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Easy Paleo Lunches