Why Paleo Menus?

The Paleo lifestyle is characterized by eating whole foods, consisting mainly of meats, fruits and vegetables, alongside healthy fats and oils. The term Paleo comes from the Paleolithic period, when cavemen roamed the earth. As you can imagine, they did not have access to processed foods, there was no Walmart, and yet they were healthy enough to give rise to our amazingly populated earth.

As organized agriculture came into existence, our eating habits changed drastically. Today’s grains are completely different from the grains that were available 10,000 years ago. Our bodies are noticing the difference. Today we suffer from alarming rates of obesity and illness. The Paleo lifestyle enforces the notion that processed foods are causing health issues that most people are unaware of until they stop eating them. Our sluggishness, skin issues, and health problems are all signs of eating the wrong foods.

Our Family Paleo Meal Plans are designed to help ease the transition for families into the Paleo lifestyle. We recognize that giving up our favorite processed foods is very difficult, especially for children. We have aimed to create menus and recipes that give us just as much joy as our processed sugar filled counterparts, but without the health issues. Yes, you really can enjoy pizza, pasta, and even cookies without the guilt, with our Paleo menus.

So why Paleo menus? Because we LOVE food! We just want it to give us nutrition while we enjoy it! The difference eating Paleo has had on our family health has been amazing. About a year after beginning to eat Paleo myself, we began really putting the practice into effect for our children as well. Just a couple of months later we received full custody of my stepsons. To say Paleo was a lifestyle change for them is an understatement. They came from a household where boxed processed food was the norm, as well as a sedimentary lifestyle. The changes in their bodies was almost immediate, and the positive emotional effects have been amazing. After just 6 months our oldest had lost 80 lbs and the youngest had lost 40 lbs. At just 11 and 13 years old, you can imagine the difference this made in their lives. Below are photos showing how amazing they look today compared to just a year ago. The only difference was what they were eating, Paleo meals, and Juice Plus to help get more fruits and vegetables into them.

Paleo Before and After

So, why Paleo? Because it’s great food, with even better side effects!